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What Are Mudras And What do they achieve?

A mudra is a position of the hands that seals and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. The hands are an energy map of our consciousness and health. Each area of the hand is connected to a certain part of the body or brain and represents different emotions and behaviors. The hands are a keyboard to program our mind-body energy system. The thumb relates to the persona of the individual, while each finger relates to a planetary energy. By touching the thumb tip (the fleshy part, not the nail) to each of the fingertips we create specific results. The pressure should be strong enough to feel the flow of energy, but not enough to whiten the fingertips.

The most common mudras:

Gyan Mudra is the most commonly used mudra, where the thumb and index finger touch stimulates knowledge and wisdom. The energy of the index finger is associated Jupiter which represents expansion. It gives receptivity and calmness, so that lessons are learned with ease.

Shuni Mudra is the seal of patience. Thumb and middle finger touch and is said to give patience, discernment, and commitment. The middle finger is associated with Saturn, which represents the “Law of Karma”. Every action has an effect. These effects teach us lessons for which patience is needed.

Surya or Ravi Mudra is the Seal of the Sun (Surya) or Life (Ravi). Thumb and ring finger touch which gives us revitalizing energy, strengthens the nervous system and the power to win. The ring finger is associated with both the sun and Uranus. The Sun represents energy and health, while Uranus stands for nervous system strength, intuition, and change.

For Buddhi Mudra the little finger and thumb touch which opens the capacity to communicate clearly and intuitively. It is the seal of mental clarity. The pinky finger is associated with Mercury which stands for quickness, and the mental power of communication.

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