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All Kundalini Yoga classes start with Tuning in, followed by Pranayam (breathing techniques), warm-up exercises, a Kriya (set of yoga exercises) and finishes with deep relaxation and meditation.


We use mantras, mudras, chants, movement and pranayam throughout the class, working on your whole being. Kundalini Yoga is focused not just on your physical body but also your mental body and your energy body.


It is an uplifting blend of practices which are highly effective and will leave you feeling more energized, focused with better concentration and clarity. Kundalini Yoga helps you to build physical vitality and increase your consciousness.

All classes are held in Waikite Road, Welcome Bay, Tauranga.

Mondays 9.30am & 7pm

All classes run for 75 min.

All levels Welcome! No previous experience needed!

For more information how Kundalini Yoga is different from other Yoga styles and why it is so effective, check out my blog here:

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Buddha Statue
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