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Frequency Sound Therapy

Clear your vibrational blueprint. Experience the combination of ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, sound vibrations of the DNA compounds and pineal gland to clear energetic blockages allowing the body to heal itself!


Tuning forks are medical instruments traditionally found in the offices of chiropractors, neurologists, and allopathic doctors, and are used, for example, to test for hearing loss and peripheral neuropathy. Medical sets are typically based on octaves of the western musical scale, including middle C or 128 hz.

Solfeggio Frequencies are based on a frequency that predates western tunings. It originates in the eastern world, where musical instruments were once tuned to these frequencies.


Rehabilitation tools that employ frequency (e.g., ultrasound, electrotherapy) are effective and already familiar to many medical professionals. For example, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is used to relax muscles and connective tissue, and reduce swelling and inflammation. Benefits include improved circulation, which facilitates the healing process. Tuning forks applications share these benefits.

A therapeutic value is placed on the natural decay that occurs when an activated tuning fork nears the end of its vibration. With tuning forks and singing bowls, the gradual vibratory diminishment allows time for the harmonics and overtones to occur. These vibratory tones travel through the inner landscape of the body to help remove blockages, alleviate stasis and pain, and increase the circulatory flow of vital energy.

For those sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation (EMRs), tuning forks provide an alternative solution.

Sound Therapy

  • Releases Stress and Anxiety

  • Helps to manage pain

  • Strengthens parasympathetic nervous system

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Induces Self-Healing

  • Induces Deep Relaxation

  • Helps to release unprocessed issues, energy blocks

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Energy Tuners

Change the blueprint of the etheric body, remove the imprint before it becomes a part of the cellular structure. Cells are recreated all the time. Through the energy tuners we can change the frequency of the next cells so that they vibrate at a higher frequency. They are called “Energy Tuners” because they work in the etheric field addressing each chakra or energy center. By working in the etheric field – before the information (or misinformation) is passed to the physical, we are working with “cause” and the work can be considered preventive.

Om Tuner.jpg

OM Tuner

The therapeutic value of working with 136.1 hz (and octaves of this tone) is due to its association with the earth’s elliptical path around the sun over the course of four seasons. The Ohm tone is effective in part because it is thoroughly ensconced in the cycles, rhythms and pulses of life itself. Use Ohm Tuning Forks to entrain with the natural world, and tune in to the healing power of Nature.

Body Tuners.jpg

Body Tuners

Osteophonic or short Otto tuners can be placed directly on the body. The resonance can be felt and the vibration is transferred directly into the tissue. In 2002, Dr. George Stefano made an exciting discovery: Specific vibrations transferred to cells using tuning forks causes the spiking of nitric oxide. The release sets off a cascade of physiological events that directly influence our health, well/being, state of mind, and consciousness. They can be used on acupressure points, pain points, spasms and tenderness to help relieve ailments and to help the body relax.

Otto Tuners.jpg

Deep Earth Frequencies

The deep earth frequencies are inspired by the Solfeggio frequencies. They are also Otto tuners and can be directly used on the body to help align your physical strutcture. Otto tuners resonate the bones, stimulate the nerves and release tension from the body. Vibrating your bones, tissue and cells with deep earth tones reduces stress and brings a sense of deep relaxation and soothing peace.

DNA Tuners.jpg

The DNA Tuning Forks tap into an energetic spin called a torsion energy. When epigenetic DNA is impacted, it can affect the spiral spin of the DNA. It is out of sync and disharmony develops. Over time it can lead to disease and manifest in the physical body.

During your Sound Therapy session we use the DNA and RNA tuning forks to clear old programming from your ancestors and/or past lives and then transcribe it. For more information on the DNA Ancestral Energy Release Technique and Past Life Regression click HERE.

DNA/RNA/Pineal Gland Tuners

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