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Everything is Energy!

Science is slowly catching up with Yogis ancient knowledge. According to Quantum Physics we know that everything is energy and matter is not as solid as we perceive it to be. This means that we are all energy beings.

Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teaming, electromagnetic field of possibility or potential.”Deepak Chopra

Just like water can exist in different states (ice, liquid and steam) our body is not just our physical body but is made of 10 bodies. This includes the energetic and emotional bodies. Our physical body is the one where the molecules are the densest as it is the form of ice for water.

The aura has been confirmed as our electromagnetic field in science. The aura (steam form of water) defines our physical body and what manifests as a dis-ease. We all have blocks from unresolved issues, stress etc. stored in our auric field. The physical body gets its blueprint from the outer bodies. These blocks lead to manifestations in the physical body over time if they are not resolved and manifest as different ailments.

If we can clear this distortion in the etheric field, we can possibly clear that pattern (if you are ready to let go of the issue) so that it doesn't show up in the physical body (effect). We are created whole and we just need to work with removing energetic blockages. Because of these blockages, that wholeness is not able to manifest down to where we live.

Kundalini Yoga is the most holistic form of Yoga and one of the first styles of Yoga. We work on all bodies to release blocks and therefore prevent or better ailments of the physical body. It all comes down to energy. Each style of Yoga emphasizes a different facet of the whole. This may be the physical asanas as in Hatha Yoga, sound as in Laya Yoga, visual forms as in Yantra Yoga and so on. In Kundalini Yoga we work on every facet of the whole through breathwork (pranayama), meditation, ancient sounds, mantras and chants and physical movement and asanas. This makes Kundalini Yoga highly effective in raising your frequencies and releasing blocks that hold you back or create dis-ease. Mantras open consciousness. They are the creative projection of the mind. Sound is a form of energy which has a structure, power and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and human psyche. Through chanting and repetition of the mantras we invoke the positive power contained in the syllables. We set the vibrations into motion. It instantaneously raises our frequencies and awareness.

We are currently in the state of transformation. There is an energetic shift happening on earth that takes us from the dense 3D realm to 5D consciousness (please read my previous article "The Great Awakening".) Like caterpillars we are not becoming enlightened caterpillars but transforming into butterflies. This transformation process is not always clean and smooth. At the beginning there is crisis and breakdown, so the new and beautiful butterfly can emerge. This goes for the personal level by going inward, releasing what does no longer serve us and raising our frequencies, but also on a universal scale. Everything and everyone is connected and things are not getting worse, they are being exposed. This is necessary to see the truth. All systems will break down, all lies will be exposed and all truths will be revealed. We will have to go through the chaos and darkness in order to process it, move forward and ascend. Only then will we be able to create a whole new beautiful world! Welcome to the future! The future is now!

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