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Handmade Eco-Friendly Fragranced Candles with refill option

Launch Special

All candles are 150ml and come in tempered tins with lid or Mosaic jars. They feature a 100% natural GMO-free soy wax base saturated with high quality fragrance oils, phthalate free for maximum effect, finished with cotton wicks.

Phthalates are a chemical ingredient used in manufacturing cheap fragrance oils. They help the fragrance extend its aromatic strength but belong to a group of endocrine disruptors that affect your hormonal balance and can cause reproductive and fertility issues, among many other health problems.

ONLY $15 each for Tins with Lid

ONLY $20 each for Mosaic Jars

For a limited time only

Choose the strength of your scent

Refills available


Wild Pear

Experience the scent of the french countryside filled with wild pear trees.

Forest Embrace

Immerse yourself in the serene embrace of nature with our Embrace Forest Scented Candle. This captivating fragrance is a perfect harmony of verdant woodland aromas, designed to transport you to a tranquil forest hideaway.

Champagne & Roses

Indulge into the festive and luxurious aroma of champagne that mingles with the delicate and elegant scent of roses taking you on a celebration journey.

Icy Orchard

A delightful journey through a frost-kissed orchard nestled in the heart of winter, the crisp air tinged with the scent of winter fruit.

Pure Breeze

Allow yourself to be swept away by the tranquil essence of the Pure Breeze candle. This candle fills your space with a refreshing refreshing and clean scent.

Berry Vanilla Bliss

Step into the sweet harmony of summer in a sun-kissed berry field where the delightful aroma of sun-ripened raspberries is intertwined with the comforting warmth of vanilla.

Garden Zen

Delicate floral notes of jasmine gently intertwine with the exotic essence of lotus, creating a harmonious and enchanting zen garden experience.

Tropical Delight

Immerse in the luxurious fusion of tropical indulgence where the sweet aroma of ripe figs blends seamlessly with the exotic essence of coconut.


Transport yourself to a tranquil Japanese garden in full bloom inspired by the ephemeral beauty of sakura season.

Customize Your Candle Scent Strength!

Enhance your candle experience by choosing the perfect strength for any of the scented candles depending on your preference and the room size you use the candle in. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of fragrance or a bold, immersive aroma, customizable scent intensities are available to suit your preferences. A strong scent can be overwhelming if you are sensitive to smell or in a small room, while a lightly scented candle might not be strong enough for a bigger room. Select from Light, Medium, or Strong to create the ideal ambiance for your space.

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