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Find your Freedom from Fears, Worries, Stress and Pain

  • Release Stress and Anxiety

  • Pain-Management

  • Strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Induce Self-Healing

  • Induce Deep Relaxation

  • Release unprocessed issues, trauma, drama that have manifested as energy blocks

Sound Therapy and Yoga work complimentary. You can try one or both. Learn more about Sound Therapy here . Learn more about Yoga here


Learn to regain your power. Everything is energy! (Check out my article by clicking the link) If your vibrational state of energy is mainly worry, fear and stress, it's impossible to take power of your life, reach your goals and become who you really are. The secret of the "Law of Attraction" doesn't work if we live in a state of low vibrations.


We all have blocks from unresolved issues, stress etc. stored as energy in our auric field. They hold us back and keep us in our comfort zone. We might not even be aware of these blocks as most of them are subconscious. The physical body gets its blueprint from the outer bodies. These blocks lead to manifestations in the physical body over time if they are not resolved and manifest as different ailments physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

With Kundalini Yoga you raise your vibrations in a very effective and fast way. It is a very holistic style of yoga which combines all elements of yoga and doesn't just focus on one. We work with movement, mantras & chanting, meditation and pranayam (breathing techniques).

Sound Therapy is another great tool to raise your frequencies, release blocks and induce self-healing. By introducing Solfeggio tuning forks into our lives we can support ourselves in releasing energy blocks in our bodies or electromagnetic field (aura). They give us the opportunity to directly work in the auric field.


When we are stressed we often try to release it in unhealthy ways.

Limiting beliefs hold us back.

We want to change our lives but don't know how.

We want to find our purpose.

Fear and anxieties keep us in our comfort zone, where change never happens.


The Solution

Finding clarity and releasing your blocks!

The only way to find a meaningful and purposeful life and lasting change is if we start to release what holds us back and clarity what we really want.


With the practice of Kundalini Yoga and the Solfeggio Frequencies in the tuning sessions your energy will shift and you will find the energy and clarity you need to take action.


Through the physical practice in Kundalini Yoga but also through the combination of breathing techniques where you will reconnect with your breath and the meditations you will learn to master your mind, quiet your overthinking mind and hear your inner knowing.

Through the use of mantra in different ways you put the positive power contained in it into motion.

Chanting itself is very uplifting and changes our energy instantly.

The Solfeggio frequencies in the tuning sessions are used to restore the individual wholeness. Everyone is created whole. Imprints and blocks in our energy bodies stop the circulation of the wholeness which leads to an inferior electromagnetic field (aura) and over time leads to an inferior physiology. 

© 2019 by Claudia Walzak Yoga.

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