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WORKSHOP Spring Equinox Cleanse
Kundalini Yoga, Sound Bath and more


The Equinox is also known as an energetic new year. Equinox literally means “equal night” in Latin and we use it to mark the change of seasons.

It is a powerful time to cleanse our self and spring forward into action.

Nature at this time of year is at a heightened state of change, therefore it is easier to clear out the old, cleanse out the impurities, helping us to prepare for a new beginning. It is a time of regeneration, detoxification, rebirth and transformation and the return of our beautiful life-giving Sun.


In Chinese medicine, the liver is the organ that is most effected at Spring time, so a cleanse at this time is particularly effective in healing any imbalances in the liver.

​In this workshop we will practice exercises that can bring great change and new beginnings. We will work with the meridians in your body to stimulate your organs and move the energies systematically to release, circulate and distribute them. With the meditation we will stimulate the triple system of the pancreas, adrenals, and kidneys.

After that you will go on a journey through sound, which is a portal, a way of transformation.

  • Strengthens immune & nervous system

  • Eases depression

  • Release of physical tension

  • Helps focus, concentration & creativity

  • Induces self-healing

  • Deep relaxation of body & mind

The workshop includes:


  • Breathwork

  • Chanting

  • Kundalini Yoga Set

  • Meditation

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Cleansing Sound Bath with the gong & crystal singing bowls

  • Sharing Circle with Yogi tea & Bliss Balls


Saturday September 23rd 10.30am - 1pm

in 174 Waikite Road, Welcome Bay

Investment $35

Bookings and pre-payment essential.


For bookings please submit the form.

Pink Blossom
If you make a booking for more than 1 person a form needs to be submitted for each person to avoid overbooking.

Payment is due with booking. Please make payment into account no. 12-3143-0305729-59

Thanks for your booking. See you there!

Sorry, the workshop is fully booked. Please get in touch to be added to the wait-list and subscribe or email me to be notified about the next one. Thank you!

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