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Beginner Special
5 consecutive classes

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Kundalini Yoga is a pragmatic science based on ancient technologies. It works to awaken the energy of consciousness within you. By practicing Kundalini Yoga, you can unite your consciousness with Universal Consciousness. While all yoga is designed to achieve this goal, Kundalini Yoga is transformational and fast acting. Unlock your true potential. Feel the magic of tapping into your power by experiencing this ancient technique and achieve your goals. You will learn to work with breath (pranayam), mantras, chants, movement and meditation.

Everything is energy! So are our emotions and unresolved blocks which are stored in our physical body and auric field. The physical body gets its blueprint from the outer bodies. Please read my article here.


Self care is more important now than ever. Your immune system will be strengthened which is something everybody profits from.


I am offering a 5 week Beginners special. This is a great opportunity to experience the variety Kundalini Yoga has to offer. All Kriyas are very different and no sets are the same.


We will work on your physical body, mental body, emotional body and energy body increasing overall well-being, health and immunity.


Exercises will help you become more flexible, stimulate your lungs and increase lung volume, increase circulation, increase focus and concentration, reduce stress through a stronger parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate your immune system and your bodies self-healing mechanisms.


"Once you control your mind, you can conquer the world" ~ Indian Proverb

Make sure to check out my blog, here for lots of information on Kundalini Yoga, it's differences to other styles and what each aspect of the class such as pranayam, meditation etc. accomplishes.

All classes run for 75 min.

Mondays 7pm

in 174 Waikite Road, Welcome Bay

Only $65 for 5 consecutive classes.

Bookings and pre-payment essential.


For bookings please click the "Join Now" button below submit the form.

Kundalini Yoga Class
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