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Meditation Challenge

Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation

It takes 30 days to build a habit. This is why we do the challenge for 30 consecutive days. If you miss a day, you start over. Just one month of consistent meditation practice can change your brain, making you a more focused, stress-resistant and happier person.

Learn to commit to 11 min. (or longer if you wish) to go inward and focus on yourself with a beautiful mantra and meditation.

This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the power of mantra use it in your daily meditation and experience your transformation throughout the 30 days.

You will learn a mantra for prosperity and general abundance. It also brings new opportunities. It is said this mantra has a measurable effect on changing the mental pattern. It provides the power to break down barriers of the past and converts fear into the determination to use and expand the reserve energy. It invokes guidance and sustenance. All powers come to serve your true purpose.

We will meet on the first day in the studio. This will be a 45 min. short class to practice a short kriya and the meditation to close. You will receive a mantra sheet and the link to the music so you can practice the chant at home. We will get together every Wednesday during the 30 days to share our experiences, practice a short kriya and meditate together.

When: Wednesday April 6th, 5pm - Thursday May 5th. Meet Wednesdays from 5pm - 5.45pm.

If you can't attend every session you can still participate and keep practicing at home instead.

Where: 174 Waikite Road, Welcome Bay

Only $40 investment for the experience including 5 classes.

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