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Christmas Special
2 Hour Masterclass
All Levels Welcome

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Join me in this year's Kundalini Yoga Christmas Special. Includes Yogi Tea and Bliss Balls. All levels welcome.

The time leading up to the much anticipated holidays can be stressful and we often forget to take time out for ourselves. To reflect and go inward.
Kundalini Yoga is a pragmatic science based on ancient technologies.

This 2 hour Masterclass will help you to become strong as steel through stillness. We will do deep energetic and inner work for you to strengthen your nervous system, so you can withstand the pressures and challenges of our times and always land safely on your feet. The set is designed to create nerves that are strong as steel. Through stillness your life force energy will be invigorated.
The set is followed with deep relaxation while the gong will be played and a meditation.

Kundalini Yoga works to awaken the energy of consciousness within you. Learn to regain your power. If your vibrational state of energy is mainly worry, fear and stress, it's impossible to take power of your life, reach your goals and become who you really are. The secret of the "Law of Attraction" doesn't work if we live in a state of low vibrations.

You will learn to work with breath (pranayam), mantras, chanting, movement and meditation.

"Once you control your mind, you can conquer the world" ~ Indian Proverb

Bookings essential.
$25 Pre-payment due with booking.

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